Örebro Regional Development Council, Sweden

The Örebro County Energy Agency works with energy and climate issues in the Örebro region. We support and inspire the region's municipalities, businesses, organizations and residents to use energy more efficiently and to choose renewable energy.
We are participating in the work with the national environmental quality targets and national objectives and the Growth Programme for the Economic Development of the Örebro Region. We have also developed climate strategies for both individual communities and the wider region.  As a regional energy agency, we also have a mandate from the Swedish Energy Agency to be a regional energy player and be the region's expertise in energy.

We work in networks in order to gather the region and share knowledge and experience. Right now, we have one network for energy and climate advisors and climate strategists, one network for real estate and one network for bioenergy.

We arrange courses and conferences and tailor energy and climate studies. Some examples are wind power training courses for farmers, seminars on energy efficient lighting and conferences for companies that want to be more energy efficient.

Örebro County Energy Agency is part of Örebro Regional Development Council.

Contact details:
Susanne Rosendahl
Project Leader - Energy
Örebro Regional Development Council
Phone: +46(0)19-602 63 37
Mobile:+46(0)70-583 63 37
Fax: +46(0)19-18 98 29
Address: Regionförbundet Örebro, 701 83 Örebro

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