Sörmland Regional Council, Sweden

Facts about Sörmland County
Sörmland County consists of nine municipalities with a population of more than 270,000 in total and is steadily increasing. 
Being located close to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, and through infrastructure involving railway, harbor and airport, Sörmland is well connected to the rest of the country. With a high proportion of commuters within the working population (27 %), a growing population and increasing need of functioning transport systems the issue of environmental transportation is highly topical for Sörmland.

Sörmland has a positive growth with both increased turnover and orders. The county has traditionally been dominated by manufacturing but as a result of extensive structural transformations new industries and markets have emerged. The global dependency has increased and companies that have established themselves in the global market have their home in Sörmland.
Key sectors for Sörmland County include private and public services and manufacturing.

About Sörmland Regional Council
Sörmland Regional Council is a politically driven collaborative organization; the members include the nine municipalities in Sörmland (Eskilstuna, Nyköping, Katrineholm, Strängnäs, Vingåker, Trosa, Gensta, Flen and Oxelösund) and the Sörmland County Council.  The tasks consist of two issues: infrastructure & public transport and business development & the labor market, the assignment is to communicate and monitor Sörmlands interests within these two subjects. An important goal for Sörmland Regional Council is to be a part of the greater Stockholm region and to contribute with the perspectives from Sörmland.

Sörmland Regional Council believes that the issue of sustainable development is important and the social-, economic- and environmental values are three dimensions that need to be worked within sustainable development.

Contact details:
Elisabeth Langgren Lundov
Coordinator EU 2020 Going Local
Västra Kvarngatan 64
Box 325
611 27 Nyköping, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)155 778 98

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