Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban region, Slovenia

Ljubljana urban region is the most prosperous in the Slovenian region, with strong development potential and economic strength, since it generates a third of the Slovenian gross domestic product. It includes 26 municipalities, including the City of Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia and the center of Ljubljana urban region. Ljubljana is the main political, economical, cultural and educational centre of Slovenia.  At the national level it is being developed as a national center of international importance and the most important transport hub.

Ljubljana has a concentration of elite institutions, central businesses, cultural, service and utility operations and institutions relevant to the whole country. Ljubljana is geographically situated in central Slovenia at an extremely passable and strategic position, between the Alps and the Mediterranean and is also called the "Ljubljana gates" on the route from central Europe to the Danube region and Italy - Adriatic ports. Both Slovenia and Ljubljana are included via their public service infrastructure in the Trans-European Networks (TEN), which are being implemented in Slovenia within the framework of the Trans-European Corridors V and X, the TEN energy corridor, a maritime transport corridor and by transverse links between transport corridors. With the entry of Slovenia into the EU and the Schengen area (2004), the international transport and transit position of Ljubljana and Slovenia has further strengthened in recent years. 

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Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)
Katja Butina
Phone: + 386 1 306 19 14

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