Riga Planning Region, Latvia

© Photo: Aleksandrs Kendenkovs (Foto Banka)/ The Latvian Institute

Facts About Region:


Territory: 10 441,5 km2

• 48% of total population of Latvia, i.e., biggest region in the Baltic with ~ 1, 1 Million inhabitants.
• 85 % of all inhabitants of the region reside in 20 cities situated in RPR territory;
• 30 local governments (before Administrative territorial reform, there were 75 local municipalities);
• 2 cities of national significance (Rîga, Jûrmala);
• 3 centres of regional importance (Tukums, Ogre, Limbaþi);
• 25 county centres.

Riga Planning Regions Functions
Riga Planning Region is a derived public entity established on 12 October, 2006. Its functions are regulated by Section 16' of the Regional Development Law – regional development planning, coordination, cooperation of local municipalities and other public bodies, including functions determined by the Regional Development Law:
• Regional development planning;
• Coordination, cooperation among local municipalities and other state institutions;
• Elaboration, implementation and monitoring of development planning documents;
• Evaluation of local and regional development planning documents;
• Assessment of projects of local governments and beneficiaries;
Development and implementation of projects (Regional development support measures)

Contact details:
Agnese Bidermane
Project Manager
Zigfrîda Annas Meierovica blvd. 18, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: + 371 6 7226420 / Fax: + 371 6 7226431
E-mail: rpr@rpr.gov.lv

Organisation website: