Municipality of Schaerbeek, Belgium

Located in Brussels, halfway between the international centre of NATO and the European neighbourhood, Schaerbeek is a fast-moving municipality very much on the up. With 127 000 inhabitants, Schaerbeek is the second most populous urban district of the Brussels Region (1,2 M) and the sixth largest entity in Belgium (11M). These inhabitants come from different cultures (140 nationalities!) and social classes that create different atmospheres, as it is the case in all major international cities: Belgians originated from Belgium, Morocco or Turkey, new immigrants from Eastern Europe, European or international civil servants, everyone makes his life here, contributing to the dynamic nature of the district.

Covering an area of only 8,1 sq km, Schaerbeek is thus dense but well planned, with wide, open streets, green spaces, a plethora of impressive monuments and emblematic squares, numerous Art Deco and Art Nouveau houses, schools, sports facilities, cultural centres, street markets, etc, as well as civic inhabitants who have decided to invest in their district.

Schaerbeek possesses a very dynamic economy based mainly on services. It hosts the largest business district in Belgium and a unique media centre in Belgium with almost all the national media bodies and many small audio-visual production companies. And of course, in addition to this, many shops, restaurants, local groceries, etc.

Nowadays, Schaerbeek is facing many challenges, typical of our time and our cities. The expected growth of population (+ 25 000 inhabitants within the next 10 years) raises crucial questions: demand for public infrastructure and equipment, demand for housing, mobility and parking problems, social needs, etc, along with a decrease or a standstill of public resources!

These challenges drive us forward, pushing us to innovate everyday. Our desire is to further improve the quality of life in our district and pursue this development in a sustainable and balanced way. To support and guide this desire, the municipality relies in particular on one tool: the “Schaerbeek 2021” project. It is intended to give a true and comprehensive vision of the future for Schaerbeek, tomorrow and till 2021. And thus defines the direction of the municipal policy for the forthcoming years and coordinates the many district actions.

In that perspective, the project EU 2020 Going Local is a fantastic opportunity to help us in fulfilling our goals.

Contact details:
Mélanie Rasquin
Strategic & Sustainable Development Department
Place Colignon
1030 Brussels - Belgium
Phone: +32 2 244 72 98

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