Regio Achterhoek, the Netherlands

The Region Achterhoek is a region on eastern border of the Netherlands. It is a very old and
natural region with no specific border and with its own dialect. Nowadays the region has 300 000 inhabitants. It is a rural region with a lot of farming, but also the (high-tech) manufacturing industry and building sector are important economic sectors för the region. The Achterhoek is also a very attractive region for tourists. It has a scenic landscape in which it is special to cycle or walk.

The governmental region consists out of eight municipalities; Winterswijk, Berkelland, Oost Gelre, Aalten, Oude IJsselstreek, Doetinchem, Bronckhorst and Montferland. It is a volutary based region, with its own organization called the Region Achterhoek. It is a small organization which works for, and with, the eight municipalities.

In the last two years a new form of cooperation in the region is being formed under the Agenda 2020. This Achterhoek Agenda 2020 has formulated goals on innovative and sustainable economy, a vital living environment, good accessibility and changes for the countryside. The new form of cooperation is very innovative in the Netherlands. It will cooperation not only between governmental organizations but also with social organizations and businesses all over the Achterhoek. All three partners are equal in this cooperation and will togehter implement the projects on the four sub-themes.

The project EU 2020 Going Local fits very well within the goals mentioned by the three partners för the Agenda 2020. This project will help us (with the Good Practices and knowledge on the European Union) with a further implementation of the projects on the four sub-themes of Agenda 2020.

Contact details:
Joke Emaus
Programmamanager Duurzame Economie
Gezellenlaan 10
Postbus 53
7000 AB Doetinchem
Phone: (0314) 32 12 14 (06) 52 33 75 66
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