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Located in the north of England Yorkshire and the Humber has a very strong cultural identity and enjoys many environmental assets. The unrivalled quality of life in Yorkshire and Humber is founded on a combination of cosmopolitan urban centres surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Yorkshire and Humber is the fifth largest of the nine English regions and forms almost 12 percent of the total land area of England.  With a population of more than five million people and around 270 000 businesses the region is as big as Denmark, Norway or Scotland.  The region includes major cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Bradford as well as smaller cities and towns with historical significance such as York, Wakefield and Rotherham.

Yorkshire and Humber includes three national parks, two areas of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as a stunning heritage coastline. However, our industrial base of power stations, oil refineries and chemical plants means we have one of the most carbon intensive economies in Europe. Yorkshire and Humber is the third highest emitter of carbon of the nine English regions, with only the North West and South East being higher. Total emissions for the region as calculated by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are 51,273kt CO2.

Population growth and housing growth will potentially have a major impact on carbon emissions in the future. With over 2m households, Yorkshire and Humber already has three of the five most populated local authority areas in the UK in Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford. Projections indicate that by 2026 the region might see 400 000 more households with a population of over 6m residents.

With such a diverse area Yorkshire and Humber is an exciting place to live, work and visit. 

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