Cartaxo Municipality, Portugal

City of Cartaxo
Cartaxo in Portugal is the seat of a municipality with about 25 000 inhabitants and belongs to the region of Leziria. The region consists of 11 municipalities, and includes cities such as Santarém, Almeirim, Alpiarça or Rio Maior. About 250 000 people live here.The county is bordered to the north by the municipality of Santarém (13km) and is located about 65 km from Lisbon.

The majority of the workforce is engaged in trade and services (47.98%), followed by industry (35.73%), and finally agriculture (16.29%), values which are essential in the middle of the district.

The business development of this county has been gradually enhanced. The industrial areas, located in Vila Chã de Ourique and Lapa, record the implementation of large numbers of companies and the consequent creation of jobs. A new business district is also soon to be born at Casal Branco, Pontével. Most valuable for the region is the installation of the Business Park - "ValleyPark" directed primarily to the field of new technologies.    

Today, the city of Cartaxo, has direct accessibility to the main highway of Portugal (A1) with a direct node, connecting the Cartaxo to all major cities in the country. Aattractive features of the Council with regard to the excellent relationship between quality of life and low cost of living in the county. The existence of the railway, although not explored in all its potential, is an attractive environmetal friendly high-capacity transport alternative.

Contact details:
Município do Cartaxo
Praça 15 de Dezembro 2070-050 Cartaxo, Portugal 
Phone: 243 700 250

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Câmara Municipal de Cartaxo