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EU 2020 Going Local is a capitalisation project; since the Good Practices are already identified the focus lies on the transfer of Good Practices into mainstream EU Structural Funds programmes within the project’s sub-theme “Energy and Sustainable transports”. Good Practices that have proven to be successful in one of the partner regions are being transferred into another partner’s regional mainstreaming programme. This enables the partnership to further improve and modernise their regional policies. In order to reach the overall objective the following three subordinate objectives are targeted:

• Exchanging Good Practices within the partnership in order to broaden the knowledge on experiences made so far and European networking regarding energy efficiency and sustainable transport

• Improving regional policies through a process of identification and adaptation of Good Practice examples under the mainstream programmes by project partners together with their local and regional politicians

• Motivating local and regional politicians to get more involved with EU strategies on sustainability by showing that local and regional Good Practices do have influence on reaching national and EU goals