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Project context

The EU 2020 Going Local project idea originated from a common understanding that a successful implementation of the EU policies needs to be adapted to specific local needs and circumstances, which requires an active participation of all the involved stakeholders. The challenge of the vertical dialogue in implementation of the EU policies is well known to participating regions.

In this context Lead Partner Sörmland Regional Council has a Good Practice named “the Sörmland Strategy”, which is a management control system for improved operations at regional and local level, and a bottom-up model as a communication approach.

The sub-theme for the project is “Energy and sustainable transport”. Since the majority of the partnerships territory belongs to the most densely populated in Europe, high CO2 emissions and pollution are a challenge to face; therefore the sub-theme is of extreme importance for the partnership. The project has identified four sub-themes under “Energy and sustainable transport” namely; “Local/Regional Climate Impact and Sustainable Management Control System”, “Renewable Energy and Waste to Energy”, “Energy Efficiency Measures”, and “Sustainable Public Transport and Non-motorised Transport”. The Good Practices are categorised within these sub-themes.

The partners develop individual Action Plans within a set timeframe, based on the exchange of experiences. The objective of the Action Plans is to feed the selected Good Practices into the Structural Funds programme.