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EU 2020 Going Local organises the exchange of experience through a number of workshops and partner meetings. After the launch of the project, a pool of Good Practices was created. Based on the priorities defined by local and regional strategies, and the exchange with the partners, each region has to specify their interest in a further  in-depth exchange. The in-depth exchange is carried out in smaller working groups between the regions interested in a specific Good Practice model. This intense exchange is the base for the development of an Action Plan for each partner. The Action Plans specify how the Good Practices will be transferred and implemented and under which programme. In the finalisation phase of the project, the meetings will focus on the alignment of the drafted Action Plans in order to guarantee a high quality implementation.

The project follows a multilevel governance approach by maintaining intense communication with actors of the partner regions and other stakeholders on national and EU level. The thematic exchange envisages working groups for the whole partnership, meetings of the Political Board and smaller working groups dedicated to the transfer of Good Practices. A Political Board, composed of local and regional politicians from the partner regions, is involved in the regions’ policy making establishment. The task of the Board is first and foremost to ensure political backing for the project and to support the dissemination of the practice and findings.