Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Implementing the Local Action Plan, June 2015

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is making good progress in and is implementing a number of key areas in their action plan. Here is their report.

We have:

 •    established our energy company to enable us to deliver key energy projects across the city;

•    established our  National Centre for Refurbishment Excellence (CORE) and are working with business and with our local college to train people in retrofitting energy efficiency measure to existing buildings;

•    successfully delivered the EU funded Arbor project with a local biomass supply chain established to support local biomass boilers and a pilot facility established in one of Enterprise Centres;

•    established a low carbon task force with local business and educational partners to help drive forward the agenda of carbon reduction across the city and the wider region.

•    undertaken studies to map heat use across the city and created an energy master plan;

•    undertaken studies to improve the energy efficiency of key housing clusters (tower blocks and low rise flats) and to implement district energy systems;

•    undertaken work to establish the feasibility of developing a deep geothermal heat source in the city and attracted an investor with 23 million euro to develop the option;

•    secured 28 million euros investment for the delivery the first phase of a district heat network in the city. (see presentation here )

•    developed a business case to secure 17 million euros in our energy company, and

We are also developing plans for several solar PV energy farms on contaminated land (former waste sites), the first one offering a potential 4MW electrical supply which will hopefully be delivered later this or early next year. 

Whilst we have much more to do I am very positive about what we have achieved. I am currently looking to establish links with Swedish companies and agencies in supporting the development of our District Energy Schemes (such as Nordic Energy, Heatnet, Varmek and Goteborg Energi) trying to gain the benefit of the Swedish experience over the last 40 years or so and building on our transnational links and networks.