Regio Achterhoek

Implementing the Local Action Plan, June 2015

Here is the report from Region Achterhoek:

  • In 2012 the eight municipalities, together with the building companies and social housing companies have founded the Stichting (Foundation) Achterhoek Verduursaam (. This foundation has the expertise to train building contractors and installers in making houses sustainable. They assist initiatives to realize their plans for sustainable and comfortable housing.

  • In 2013 all eight municipalities have founded together the Cooperation AGEM: Achterhoekse Green Energy Company ( This company has the expertise to help realize local/regional initiatives for solar energy and wind energy and biogas.

  • This year (2015, last year there were elections) the eight city councils are updating there sustainable strategy on the basis of the Local Action Plan. The intention is to fasten the speed for realizing renewable energy and making the houses sustainable. The aims of the Local Action Plan (Achterhoek energy neutral in 2030 and aims described for 2020) are still standing.

  • We are involved in  an Erasmus+ project concerning “Green Skills, Unlocking Sector Growth in Engineering and Construction”, with Scarbourough Council as Lead Partner. This project is in preparation and almost ready to submit.