Sörmland Regional Council

Implementing the Local Action Plan, June 2015

Sörmland is currently working with Biogasbus in Sormland, a project originated from the EU 2020 Going Local project.

The project aims to achieve a locally long term production of biogas and a consumption in balance with biogas made from raw material, normally considered as waste. This raw material combined with waste from fish culturing gives an opportunity to develop traditional agricultural business and create new job opportunities.

Fish culturing should be totally isolated from nature in closed systems in order to avoid damages on natural ecosystems and culturing processes. Another aspect is to discover the possibility of using locally grown plant protein as feed in fish culturing.

So far the project has finished an inventory phase of all available raw materials in the Sörmland county in cooperation with County Administrative Board of Sörmland. 

Two sites in Sörmland have got their environmental permits for biogas production and the work is now focused on establishing a local demand for biogas as propellant in the local public transportation.

A last aspect on biogas as fuel is the opportunity to use the biogas production as a tool in local urban planning and get a closer connection to natural driven cycles useful for human life.